Hair Tip #1- Cover your hair with Silk


Why are Silk Covers Important for Hair?

It is important to make sure your hair is covered up before going to sleep. Avoid cotton and linen pillows, because these items pull moisture out from your hair, which then leads to dry and brittle hair. We now know why this tip is important, so why don't we take this conversation even further.

Which Do You Prefer?

When you cover your hair up with silk will you use bonnets, scarfs, or a satin pillow? I have heard from some of my friends that silks and bonnets don't stay on their head. Some complain about it being too tight on their heads, or just too uncomfortable. There are people who just love to sleep with their hair free, and there are people who get a better night sleep when it is covered. You might hear someone say that they love their bonnets and scarfs, and would take it any day, over a satin pillow!

I believe that all three gets the job done when protecting your crown, but it's all about preference. There are some people who wear scarfs and bonnets and wake up the next morning only to find out that it's nowhere to be found. It's funny when that happens because you shake your bed, look under the bed, and it’s just gone. You head to the store for another, then come back home only to find the bonnet you lost months ago, in plain sight! Talk about great timing, right? I know, I know, there is a lot of detail going in this story, mostly I’ve heard these stories a lot! At one point it makes you want to just stop using headwraps. Which is why I’m so happy that, satin pillowcase come in to save the day!

Like I said everyone has their preferences. I just wanted to point out the many ways you can protect that crown at night from those harsh linen pillows! And no, it's not impossible, especially if you amongst the ones who just keep losing those bonnets and scarfs!



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